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31 Jul 2020

New tartans support Save Our Scotland

A red tartan cloth is wrapped around a loom.
Prickly Thistle will create a new tartan on their looms in the Highlands.
The National Trust for Scotland and Prickly Thistle have teamed up to create limited edition tartans in support of our Save Our Scotland appeal.

The Save Our Scotland tartan has been officially listed by the Scottish Register of Tartans and comes in two limited edition colour palettes that represent our charity’s past and future.

The blue, green, brown and grey tones woven into the Hands of the Past tartan embody the land and buildings that the National Trust for Scotland protects. The Hands of the Future tartan has red tones to represent the love for the treasured places and spaces in our care, and the passion shown by supporters for the Save Our Scotland campaign.

Save Our Scotland was launched last month after the Trust announced a loss of essential income of £28 million caused by the COVID-19 lockdown measures. The emergency appeal aims to raise at least £2.5 million to help us continue our vital work to protect Scotland’s built and natural heritage.

Only 2,020 metres of this bespoke tartan will be woven and all profits will go to the Save Our Scotland appeal. The design can only be bought from Prickly Thistle’s special collection page.

Buy the Save Our Scotland tartan now

A lady sits cross-legged on a fabric cutting table, surrounded by reels of tartan cloth.
Clare Campbell, founder of Prickly Thistle

Encouraging creativity and zero waste, Prickly Thistle has also created a set of DIY craft ideas. Buyers will receive step-by-step instructions to make cushion covers, tote bags, aprons and even a kilt from the fabric.

Clare Campbell, founder and co-owner of Prickly Thistle, said: ‘As soon as I saw the Save Our Scotland appeal, I knew I wanted to help somehow. As the Trust are protectors of sites such as Culloden Battlefield, a place of incredible significance to the tartan story for Scotland, there was an important story that we could literally help weave into the Trust’s narrative for the future. This project and its purpose means so much to us – above all, I hope it helps people take a moment to think about the fabric of everything and how they can influence positive change.

‘We’re so fortunate to be part of a country that has one of the richest histories in the world and, like the Trust, we’re protectors and promoters of the past. We feel we have a responsibility to support the Save Our Scotland campaign, because when something is gone, often it is irreplaceable, and it is never quite the same again. With a project of this nature, all supporters will literally have heritage in their hands.’

Jenny Howard-Coombes, Corporate Partnerships Manager for the National Trust for Scotland, added: ‘When Clare approached us with her tartan designs, we really felt her passion for the work that we do in caring for and protecting Scotland’s heritage. There was a very natural synergy between our organisations and we’ve really enjoyed working with Clare and Prickly Thistle to create a beautiful piece of fabric that will represent this campaign as well as the importance of Scotland’s heritage for years to come.

‘We’re looking forward to seeing what buyers of the Save Our Scotland tartan craft with their pieces of cloth and we hope to see some really wonderful creations in the near future.’

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