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20 Feb 2019

Seallaidhean breagha de Bharraigh

Written by Lily Barnes - Documentation and Digitisation Officer
Dealbh dubh is geal de bhàtaichean air an tràigh air Barraigh.
Bàtaichean air an tràigh ann am Barraigh – chìthear craidhlean anns a’ mheadhain. c1931–36
Dh’fhuirich Margaret Fay Shaw is John Lorne Campbell ann am Barraigh bho 1935–38. Fhad’s a bha iad ann, thog Margaret iomadh dealbhan tarraingeach dhan eilean is na daoine a bha a’ fuireach is ag obair ann.

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The Morton Charitable Trust has been funding fieldwork on the National Trust for Scotland’s photographic collections since 2014. In 2018–19, this work will further raise the profile of the collections through research, articles, talks and dedicated projects. The project will also involve the digitisation of the Margaret Fay Shaw photographic archive of mid-20th-century Hebridean life, leading to an updated database with high-quality images.

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