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2 Nov 2023

Meet the Makers: Amy from Amy Britton

Meet the maker: Amy Britton
The Trust is proud to support talented makers and craftspeople from across Scotland, by selling their products in our physical and online shops. This time, we meet Amy from Amy Britton.

Please introduce yourself and your business

I’m Amy Britton and I’m the founder of Amy Britton.

Where are you based?

Our home base is nestled in the charming town of Stirling. Situated in a region rich with historical significance and natural beauty, Stirling provides us with the perfect environment to draw inspiration from both the past and the present. This picturesque location plays a significant role in shaping our creative process and the unique character of our products.

When and how did you start your business?

I started the business in 2014. Growing up, my grandparents inspired my love for nature and instilled a deep appreciation for long lasting design and quality. I wanted to manufacture a product that was made in Scotland that tells the story of Scotland.

What products do you make/design/create?

We create lifestyle products such as glasses cases, handbags, purses etc. At the heart of our creations is our handwoven Harris Tweed, a fabric woven from British wool. This choice is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to sustainability, as wool stands as one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. With its rich history and deep ties to the land, Harris Tweed perfectly aligns with our mission to encapsulate Scotland’s story in each thread. It is also our only heritage cloth that has an act of parliament.

Colourful range of Harris Tweed products, such as glasses cases and purses, piled up on a table.
A selection of Amy Britton products are available in our shops

What makes your business unique?

Britton Scotland’s mission is to redefine the story of Scottish heritage by integrating it with the principles of sustainability and the circular economy. We are devoted to crafting an innovative, environmentally friendly range of products that respect the legacy of our esteemed Harris Tweed®. Our designs blend tradition with modernity, taking Harris Tweed® on a unique, transformative journey.

Are there any interesting and/or eco-friendly materials that you use?

From using recycled zips and woven labels derived from plastic bottles, to utilising recycled coffee cup paper labels, we are pioneering a path where every element of our production process defines a route to a sustainable future. Our vision is to create not just products, but lasting legacies that intertwine Scottish tradition with a conscious commitment to the planet.

The foundation of many of our products is the use of wool, a naturally renewable and biodegradable material. By selecting wool, we promote a circular economy and support a more sustainable textile industry.

We take our carbon emissions seriously and are committed to transparency in our environmental impact. As part of our efforts, we have embarked on our second year of meticulously tracking our carbon accounts through the Net Zero Nation initiative. This accountability ensures that we continuously evaluate and mitigate our carbon footprint, contributing to a greener future. Our workshop is powered by 100% renewable energy sources from the grid. By sourcing our energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric power, we significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and minimize our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s your favourite thing about your business/running your business?

Every day is different. We as a team enjoy the variety that each day brings. We make everything to order, and it is so satisfying seeing it all come together. For the retailer that we have a long-standing relationship with, we do stock up on lines that they order regularly so we can deliver orders promptly. Communication is key in these circumstances so we can make sure we don’t overstock.

Developing new ranges is something we all enjoy, and the 100% reuse range is something we are all passionate about. Saving materials from landfill and creating long lasting products that can be used everyday is the ultimate testament to making sure we have got it right.

What’s the proudest moment of your business career?

My business career has been peppered with proud moments, each of which has contributed to shaping the ethos and impact of the business. Seeing our products proudly displayed on the shelves of the National Trust for Scotland shops was a realisation of the recognition our work had earned and the acknowledgment of our dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Another proud achievement was the collaborative journey of developing products with efforts to address offshore waste. This showcased our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and making a positive impact beyond the confines of our business. Alongside this, we have completed a Sustainability Impact Report, which stands as a testament to the evolution of our journey from a mere idea to a robust team of six individuals making a meaningful difference. Documenting our progress and accomplishments not only validates the dedication we've poured into our work but also serves as a roadmap for continued growth and positive change.

What is your favourite Trust place?

My favourite National Trust for Scotland place is Culloden. I grew up near Culloden Battlefield. It being the site of one the most significant battles in Scottish history, the haunting atmosphere of this desolate moorland is a very moving place.

A large stone cairn stands at the end of a gravel path in the middle of a field.
Culloden Battlefield

How did you/your business start working with the Trust?

I met one of the Trust’s Product Managers at a trade show in Glasgow in early 2022. We realised that our organisations share many of the same values and that it was a good match for the Trust to stock my range in their shops. From there we worked on developing a range which would appeal to the Trust’s customers which led to creating a new product for the Trust – a zero-waste handbag.

What’s your favourite product that you supply to the Trust and what was the inspiration behind creating it?

The card purse, as it has evolved from our first product, which was the coin purse – showing how the world has moved on.

An Amy Britton coin and card purse in multi-colour Harris Tweed.
The Amy Britton coin and card purse, available to purchase online and in-store.

What do you love about Scotland? #fortheloveofscotland

Everything! Our landscapes – ever changing with the seasons; and our weather – we can sometimes experience four seasons in one day! We are lucky to live somewhere where nature and wide open spaces are so easily accessible.

Explore our range of Amy Britton products and watch our Meet the Maker video.

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