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Lochcarron of Scotland is one of the few remaining textile weaving mills in the Scottish Borders. They boast a rich textile heritage and an extensive archive, with decades of experience and knowledge passed down through generations. As the leading manufacturer of tartan, Lochcarron is dedicated to producing high-quality textiles while continually improving its sustainability practices.

Lochcarron of Scotland

Meet The Maker - Lochcarron of Scotland

Lochcarron of Scotland Q & A

What products do you make/design/create?

Tartan can be used in many applications. It is ever present in fashion and extremely popular as highland dress for a whole range of events and occasions including weddings, balls and black tie events. We weave over 500 authentic Scottish tartans within our own stocked range as well as many exclusive tartans for individuals, corporations, events. As well as cloth we also make and stock accessories, clothing, kilts, blankets.

How did you approach the creation of the Pink Castle bespoke tartan, what elements influenced the design of the tartan? 

We initially began by researching Craigievar Castle. [...]The colours and proportions of colour in the design were influenced by where they appear in the castle and its surroundings, with the pink from the castle being the base colour. For the secondary colours: the blues were mainly based on the spires, deeper slate, and a lighter blue to complement it, representing the sky or flag. The browns were taken from the detailing on the castle and the green from the trees surrounding the castle. The gold was taken from the weathervane, incorporated into the design in small flashes to highlight this feature.

Can you talk us through the finished range of products?

The range of Pink Castle tartan products include scarves, blankets, ponchos and serapes which are made from 100% brushed lambswool. These accessories have a cosy, soft texture, keeping you comfortable and warm.

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