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Brightening your garden with Brodie’s daffodil heritage

At number 94 on our 100 Ways list is giving people the chance to plant a piece of horticultural heritage in their own gardens by making bulbs from the Brodie daffodil collection available for sale to the public.

Our own Downton Abbeys

At number 93 on our 100 Ways list is highlighting how Downton Abbey fans can get a glimpse of the grandeur portrayed in the film at our properties around the country.

Historic desk returns to the Hill House

A desk owned by the man who commissioned the Hill House has returned to the property for the first time in over 60 years.

Whose histories?

At number 92 on our 100 Ways list we’re looking at the idea of authenticity in our historic houses and considering this with partners in the heritage field at a forthcoming conference.

Stitching time at Weaver’s Cottage

At number 91 in our 100 Ways list are our archaeological studies at Weaver’s Cottage, which have created a tapestry of human life dating back to prehistoric times.

Expert team tips

At number 90 on our 100 Ways list is our new Team Picks initiative: the people who know our places better than anyone – our volunteers and staff – highlight their favourite pieces, adding even more to the visitor experience.

Wise women create Inverewe audio experience

A bespoke audio experience to accompany a walk around Inverewe has been created as part of a new exhibition at the garden.

Women’s hidden stories

At number 89 on our 100 Ways list, we’re highlighting the hidden stories of women and girls that have been overshadowed or forgotten over the years.

Talking up trees

At number 88 on our 100 Ways list, we’re celebrating our wonderful trees by taking part in the Scottish Tree Festival this autumn.

Going underground

At number 87 on our 100 Ways list, we’ve been opening up some of Culzean Castle’s more unusual locations to give visitors an even better insight into its fascinating history.

The importance of volunteers on Canna

Two volunteer groups came to Canna to help us out with a big clean-up.

Sharing St Kilda’s secrets

At number 85 on our 100 Ways list is sharing St Kilda’s secrets – ranger Sue Loughlan’s been blogging about her time on St Kilda all summer long.

The archaeology of castles: always changing, always learning

At number 86 on our 100 Ways list, Dr Daniel Rhodes explains how, with the help of volunteers, we’ve been uncovering the secrets hidden below some of our best loved castles, including Kellie Castle and Castle Fraser.

Picture perfect backdrops

At number 84 on our 100 Ways list, we provide amazing locations for fashion photoshoots, showing off the beautiful places we protect and raising vital funds for their care.

Exploring the beauty of Glencoe

We invited three of Scotland’s top landscape photography instagrammers to celebrate World Photography Day at Glencoe.

Cleaning Canna

At number 83 on our 100 Ways list, we’ve been cleaning up Canna with the help of our Conservation Volunteers.

From the edge of the world: part 10

Our new blog from St Kilda reveals what it’s like to spend a season working here.

Stories from Staffa: island of staves

Peter offers a brief explanation of Staffa’s geology, looking at volcanic activity, the famous columnar basalts and the great caves.

The National Trust for Scotland and World War II

This article looks at the early history of the National Trust for Scotland and its activities during World War II.

Mindfulness matters

At number 82 on our 100 Ways list, we’re recognising that mindfulness matters and so we’re hosting a number of mindfulness events at our places.

Battle of Bannockburn Archaeology Lecture Series: Staffa

The Battle of Bannockburn host lectures on the first Tuesday of every month all year round and this summer we’ve been running an archaeology-themed series.

Tackling invasives

At number 81 on our 100 Ways list, we’re tackling invasive species, with the help of Hannah Patterson, Ranger for our Perthshire properties.

Getting accredited

At number 80 on our 100 Ways list, we’re celebrating the Hill House receiving museum accreditation.

Great bakes from around the Trust

To celebrate Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight (and the return of the Great British Bake Off 2019), try baking these traditional Scottish recipes from our places.