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26 Jan 2021

Handfasting wedding ceremonies

Ever wondered where the expressions ‘tying the knot’ and ‘bound for life’ come from? Well … it’s the age-old Celtic ritual of handfasting!

22 Jan 2021

The Lorimer archives

Enjoy a brief overview of the Lorimer archive collection held at Kellie Castle.

21 Jan 2021

E. A. Hornel: From Camera to Canvas – events

Although our fantastic exhibition is closed, you can still experience it and our collections through the online exhibition events programme.

21 Jan 2021

Susan, Duchess of Hamilton (1786–1859)

Join Regional Curator Sarah Beattie as she continues to explore the lives of the Hamilton family and the impact they had on the building, collections and interiors at Brodick Castle.

20 Jan 2021

The first Burns Supper

Five years after he died, nine of Robert Burns’s close friends got together to remember him. They didn’t know it at the time, but this was the first Burns Supper.

19 Jan 2021

Facing Our Past at Fyvie Castle

As part of our Facing Our Past project, we take a look at the Forbes-Leith family and their American connections.

15 Jan 2021

What links Scotland’s National Bard to Bob Dylan?

Find out more about the connections between Robert Burns and one of America’s most famous songwriters.

15 Jan 2021

Redeveloping the Great Garden at Pitmedden

Working with the landscape architect and Beechgrove Garden presenter Chris Beardshaw, we’re reinterpreting the classic parterre garden for the modern world.

14 Jan 2021

Wildlife spotter’s guide: Goatfell

The wildest and highest parts of Arran are also home to an incredible range of amazing wildlife, including a number of Scotland’s most iconic species.