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10 Jul 2018

Summing up species

We carry out a lot of work to monitor Scotland’s wildlife, and this summer we’re taking part in Chris Packham’s UK-wide Bioblitz campaign.

6 Jul 2018

Going wild at Leith Hall

We’re running a project to get school pupils involved in planting wildflowers in Aberdeenshire.

22 Jun 2018

Scaling the heights for new species

Our botanists go to extreme lengths to protect Scotland’s flora.

21 Jun 2018

Working with wildcats

We’re playing our part in protecting the wildcat.

19 Jun 2018

Doors open on new Pollok Gallery

We’re adding to Glasgow’s awesome art scene.

15 Jun 2018

Growing the next generation of gardeners

With a UK-wide shortage of gardeners, we’re playing our part in growing the next generation of horticultural heroes in a brand new gardening apprentice scheme.

11 Jun 2018

Giving Scottish talent a stage at Upside Doon

We’re providing a platform for Scottish musicians at the Upside Doon festival in Alloway.

7 Jun 2018

Boxing the Hill House

We have a brave plan to Box the Hill House and save it for future generations.

4 Jun 2018

Revealing our collections ... and our stories

Project Reveal is one of the most ambitious digitisation projects in Scotland.