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Autumn family crafts: beyond be-leaf mobile

Perfect for kids after a day out scavenger hunting in the park, create a delightful autumn view with this crafty mobile using materials you can find outdoors. 

You will need:

  • String
  • A pair of scissors
  • A twig – around 30cm in length
  • A selection of fallen leaves and acorns

Step 1

With some help from an adult, cut seven pieces of string – these work best if they are different lengths, but each one should be around 20cm to 40cm long.

Step 2

Take the longest piece of string and tie it to either end of the twig as shown in the picture. Use double knots to secure it. This is a chance to practice your knots!

Step 3

Tie the stalk of a leaf or acorn to the end of each remaining piece of string – and tie the other ends to your twig, as evenly spread out as you can! Use glue to secure any tricky items.

Step 4

Find the perfect spot in your home, and ask an adult to hang your mobile!

Share your pics!

Ask an adult to help you share your creations on Instagram, tagging @nationaltrustforscotland