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West Affric

A group of men re-enact the Highland charge at the Battle of Culloden, dressed as Jacobite soldiers. They wear blue berets and carry large targes.
Tags: Highlands and Islands

Remote scenic landscape | near Kyle | IV40 8HQ

Situated at the western end of the Glen Affric National Scenic Area and includes part of the old drove road from Skye to Dingwall. Vast region of wild and beautiful land with native trees, beautiful lochs and rugged moorland. Bare mountain crags stand out with startling clarity, while the spongy moorland underfoot provides ample walking trails. Very remote area with little-to-no road access; best suited to small, adventurous crews on foot or photography projects.

The most straightforward way to access the area is to walk from the Forestry and Land Scotland car park at the end of the public road in Glen Affric.

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