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St Kilda World Heritage Site

Seabirds wheel in the air by a rocky coastline. The photo looks out to sea, where a large lump of an island rises on the horizon.
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St Kilda – Dramatic archipelago with rich cultural and natural history | Outer Hebrides

Very remote archipelago, 41 miles west of North Uist. UK’s only dual UNESCO World Heritage Site. With towering cliffs and sea stacks, the islands form the largest seabird colony in northern Europe. Islands also have evidence of human existence dating back to prehistoric times, with various archaeological remains and structures. A National Trust for Scotland ranger is the only permanent inhabitant for part of the year.

There is a drone exclusion zone around the islands to protect the seabirds, so no drone filming within 1km of landmass.

Please note St Kilda is uninhabited over the winter period. No mobile signal. In the summer, spaces at the campsite are limited and popular, so plan your trip far in advance. Limited weather cover options. Travel to St Kilda is erratic so also leave room in schedules to allow for boat delays.

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