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The Lidl Book of Big Adventures

We're working with our friends at Lidl to create fun family activities you can try this winter.
A family running through a woodland in winter

We're working with our friends at Lidl to create fun family activities you can try this winter. Pick up your free booklet at Lidl stores in Scotland.

Try out our new Instagram AR filter

Staff at The Hill House try out the new Craigievar Castle Instagram AR filter

Craigievar Castle becomes Scotland’s biggest ever augmented reality Instagram filter. Try it out for yourself!


Colouring book

Child colouring in a peacock illustration

Do you enjoy art? Do you like nature? Then you’ll love this brilliant colouring book, inspired by the wonderful wildlife at our special places.


Collect natural treasures

A shoebox filled with many items found outdoors

Fill a shoebox with intriguing objects you find outdoors, such as leaves, feathers, sticks and seeds. Then see if you can identify everything you’ve collected.


Make your own colourful wind chime

A recycled wind chime hangs on a tree branch in front of an autumn coloured background

Collect your plastic bottle caps and recycle them into a colourful wind chime.


Make your own hedgehog picture

A pair of hedgehogs made out of coloured paper and dry leaves

Fallen leaves are a brilliant resource for making animal collages. Try creating your very own hedgehog haven with coloured paper and dry leaves.


Make your own Jacobite targe

A young boy creates his own Jacobite targe from cardboard

From the early 17th century, the Scottish Highlander's main means of defence in battle was a targe. Create your own decorated shield using a cardboard box and brass paper fasteners.


Estimate the age of a tree

A young boy measures the circumference of a tree

The trunk of the average deciduous tree (the ones that lose their leaves in winter) expands by around 2cm a year. This simple and fun maths trick allows you to estimate its age!


Search for minibeasts

A young boy holds two minibeasts in his hand

Get hunting and discover the ecosystems in your own garden! Use this handy guide to help you find minibeasts in all sorts of places.


Make your own binoculars

Pretend binoculars made from toilet roll tubes

Stuck indoors? Why not make pretend binoculars for your next outdoor adventure!


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We need your help, more than ever. Please help us protect Scotland’s heritage. 

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