Many properties, especially our countryside places, have been affected by damage from Storm Arwen. Please check the specific property pages before visiting. There may also be local road closures.

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Bringing Scottish flowers and plants straight to your home or a loved one’s as a special gift

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For £72 we’ll send your loved one a ROOTS pack every six weeks for a year, with stories about Scotland’s plant life, tips from our expert Trust gardeners and Scottish seeds.

Their subscription will include:

  • A ROOTS pack sent every six weeks – and six times a year the packs will also contain a packet of Scottish seeds to grow at home
  • A gift certificate, so your loved one will know who their special gift came from
  • Planting guides written by our expert Trust gardeners so your seeds will flourish
  • Stories and histories of the Scottish plants protected and cared for by the Trust
  • Regular emails with top tips and ‘How To’ guides, gardening blogs and articles from our gardeners
  • An invitation to two exclusive ROOTS events a year with our gardens team

ROOTS is a celebration of Scotland’s flora, helping your loved one’s garden to thrive, as well as helping Trust gardens to flourish. Your gift will go towards supporting our gardens and designed landscapes, helping them to continue to be places of beauty, tranquillity and enjoyment for so many.

And remember, you can also treat yourself to ROOTS for £6 a month or buy a full year for £72.

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How it works

Signing up to ROOTS is quick and easy and you’ll be planting your Scottish ROOTS at home in no time!

  • Once you’ve signed up, we’ll process your subscription and pop your first pack in the post as soon as we take your first payment. You should receive your ROOTS pack within seven working days after payment is received.
  • After you receive your first pack, you’ll slot in to our subscription calendar – that means you may receive your second pack in less than six weeks.
  • Sit back and wait for your ROOTS every six weeks.
  • If you’ve bought ROOTS for a year or as a gift, we’ll get in touch when it’s about to come to an end to see if you’d like to continue with your subscription.
  • If you have any questions or your pack hasn’t arrived, please email roots@nts.org.uk.
  • To cancel your subscription please email roots@nts.org.uk or phone 0131 458 0430.

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What’s in your subscription?

Picture of what's included in a Roots pack

Have you ever visited one of our gardens and wondered how you could recreate it at home? Or perhaps you’d like some expert help in adding some splashes of colour to your garden? Your ROOTS subscription pack will help you do this and much more.

Six times a year you’ll receive a packet of Scottish seeds, provided by Scotia Seeds, featuring flowers and plants found in Trust gardens across the country and sent to you to grow a little bit of Scotland at home. A planting guide written by one of our expert gardeners will help you sow and grow your seeds, along with providing tips on how to look after them. You’ll also learn more about the history and ecological importance of these flowers to Scotland.

As part of your subscription, our packs also include other gardening goodies to help you get the most out of your garden. From gardening calendars to planting sticks, your green spaces will thrive with your ROOTS subscription.

And if you need a little extra help? ROOTS subscribers will receive exclusive emails filled with tips from our gardeners and ideas to try out in your own garden. At two exclusive ROOTS events each year you’ll be able to meet our gardens team and ask them the gardening questions you’ve always wanted to.

ROOTS will also help Trust gardens grow

Every ROOTS subscription will help the Trust look after the 38 gardens and designed landscapes in our care. We’re the largest garden owner in Scotland, caring for a wealth of horticultural landmarks and cultivating over 100,000 individual plants, both native and exotic.

Our gardens are also vital green spaces and habitats. It’s estimated that over 2,000 species of plants, insects, birds and mammals may live in any one Trust garden. A single mature oak tree can support over 400 different species of insects and arachnids living on it.

We carefully consider environmental issues such as biodiversity, climate change, energy conservation, water management and the way we handle invasive non-native species. Our gardeners limit the use of pesticides in our gardens and have almost entirely stopped using peat-based composts.

When you visit a Trust garden, you’ll enjoy all manner of incredible sights and smells, as well as discovering the stories of some of our country’s green-fingered trailblazers. Thank you to all our ROOTS subscribers who help us protect these special places.

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