ROOTS Renewal FAQs

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Can I change to a Direct Debit?

Of course! Simply choose the pay monthly option at checkout.
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Can I buy another year by card?

Absolutely. Simply choose the pay annually option at checkout.
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If I’m renewing a gift, why do I have to re-enter their contact details?

This is to make sure that you would like to send the gift to the same person. It’s also a chance to ensure that the address we hold for them is still current.

Will I get another welcome pack?

No – once you renew, we’ll put you back in our subscription calendar and you will not receive the violet welcome pack again.

Can I leave a message if I’ve renewed ROOTS as a gift?

We’ll include a small certificate in their next ROOTS pack letting the giftee know who has renewed their subscription.

How many packs do I receive in a renewed gift subscription?

Our gift subscriptions last a year. We send a ROOTS pack every six weeks, which works out at 10 packs per gift subscription. We’ll be in touch towards the end of the subscription to see if you’d like to renew.

What payment do you accept?

We currently accept Direct Debit, Visa and Mastercard payments.

When will payment be taken?

We have four collection dates per month – 5th, 13th, 21st and 28th. When you sign up you’ll be assigned the closest date. Please email if you’d like to amend this.

There’s an error with my payment

Please email or call 0131 458 0430 and we’ll help to get this sorted.

I didn’t get a confirmation email

It may have gone into a junk folder, but if it’s not there then drop us an email at and we’ll confirm your order.

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Looking to renew?

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