I love this place, I leave no trace

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It has been an absolute delight in recent months to welcome thousands of visitors to our countryside properties to enjoy the fresh air and reconnect with nature once again.

We’re truly grateful that the majority of visitors take good care whilst outdoors, so that future generations can enjoy the same awe-inspiring scenery we appreciate today. However, there are a few who are not leaving the countryside as they found it. From a rise in litter to dangerous campfires and damaged property, our staff are having to deal with a worrying amount of anti-social behaviour.

Countryside litter

When lockdown eased last summer, we saw a dramatic increase in visitors to our countryside. With international travel still uncertain, we are seeing similar number of visitors this summer. The cumulative effect of large numbers of people visiting countryside places can cause unintended damage, such as litter on mountain footpaths. A donation today can help buy equipment for our staff and volunteers to clear these paths.

A pile of litter on the ground, including cans and plastic.
Litter found by Trust rangers at Ben Lomond
“Along the footpaths of the mountain, we’re finding huge amounts of litter. On a busy Saturday, my team at Ben Lomond estimate that they can fill a whole black sack with rubbish for every 200m of footpath.”
Sam Gallacher
Operations Manager, Ben Lomond

Abandoned campsites

We’re seeing a rise in irresponsible campers at many places, including Mar Lodge Estate, Kintail, Glencoe and Ben Lawers. By donating today, you’ll be able to support our staff carry out evening patrols. On one walkabout, a Trust ranger can meet over 25 campsites, advising on the best ways to ‘leave no trace’ whilst visitors make the most of our incredible surroundings.

Discarded blue sleeping bags, empty beer bottles and cans and plastic bags of rubbish litter the ground.
An abandoned campsite left for Trust rangers to clear up.
“On one memorable occasion we came across an entire campsite. Food waste, sleeping bags and a tent were all left for us to clear away.”
Paul Bolton
Head Ranger, Mar Lodge Estate

Dangerous campfires

Some visitors have been chopping down young trees and lighting fires in the woods. A donation today can help us raise awareness of the risks of campfires, encouraging visitors to instead bring a stove or wear an extra jumper if they’re feeling the cold.

The remains of a campfire, a circle of blackened stones and ash.
The remains of a campfire
“There is a risk of a serious wildfire like the one we suffered in 2011, where six people had to be airlifted to safety and an area of 9 square miles was devastated. Campfires can be a real danger at Torridon as there are heavily wooded areas.”
Will Boyd-Wallis
Operations Manager, North West

It takes an enormous amount of work to conserve Scotland’s iconic mountains, woodlands and coastlines, which we all love. As a charity, we can only protect these places with your support. Together, we can ensure that our most treasured landscapes are conserved for future generations to enjoy.

I love this place, I leave no trace

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