Corrieshalloch Gorge accessibility guide

Corrieshalloch Gorge is designated a National Nature Reserve in recognition of the spectacular gorge and the surrounding woodland.


Contact for accessibility enquiries: Tommy Junor, Visitor Services Manager


Tel: 01854 333333

We are excited to welcome you to our new Gateway to Nature Centre at Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve, which can be reached via step-free access from 2 accessible parking spaces in our main car park.

There is an opportunity to have a coffee and something to eat from our takeaway café, and to enjoy a magnificent view from our outdoor viewing deck.

The newly added path extends our existing path network to 2.4km (1.5 miles) and allows access to many features that have not been visible to the public before.

At a glance

There is level access to the Gateway to Nature Centre, which includes:

  • Takeaway café
  • Outdoor seating area
  • Accessible toilet

Getting here

Corrieshalloch Gorge NNR
Loch Broom
IV23 2AB

OS ref: NH208776

Corrieshalloch Gorge is 12 miles from Ullapool, 46 miles from Inverness and 37 miles from Inverewe.

Main car park
OS Ref: NH 20813 77600

Overflow car park

OS Ref: NH 20206 77980
What3words: caskets.stub.eternity

Braemore Junction (bus stop)
OS Ref: NH 20975 77667
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By bus

  • The nearest bus stop is at the Braemore Junction car park and is serviced by buses from Ullapool and Gairloch (CityLink and Westerbus).
  • From the bus stop, it is a short distance to the Gateway to Nature Centre along a tarmacked road.
  • Please take care when crossing the road and be aware of traffic coming from both directions here, as well as on the road to the Gateway to Nature Centre.


There are two car parks – a main car park and an overflow car park.

Both car parks have smooth tarmac.

Accessible parking

The main car park and the overflow car park have accessible parking bays. If these bays are occupied, we will try to find somewhere suitable for you to park. Unfortunately, we are not able to reserve parking spaces in advance.

Please phone 01854 333333 if you require assistance from a member of staff to help you find a suitable parking space.

The distance from the accessible parking bays to the reception area in the Gateway to Nature Centre is 15 metres.

Two parking bays in a car park are clearly designated for disabled users. They are a short distance from a visitor centre. A car is parked in the bay on the left.
The accessible parking bays at Corrieshalloch Gorge NNR


Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the reserve and inside the Gateway to Nature Centre.

All dogs are welcome throughout the reserve but must be kept on short leads and under close control. Please make sure to pick up after your dog.

Water bowls for dogs can be found outside the takeaway café.

Mobile signal

There is good mobile reception for most networks in most places at Corrieshalloch Gorge.

In an emergency between 9am–5pm, please ring 01854 333333. If you receive no answer, or if the emergency occurs outside these hours, please call 999.

Public Wi-Fi is available in the Gateway to Nature Centre.

There are staff positioned at key points throughout the reserve (in the main car park, the overflow car park and inside the Gateway to Nature Centre). All staff use radios, and you can ask them for assistance in case of an emergency or should you have any concerns.

Emergency procedure

In the event of a fire, please follow directions and instructions from staff, evacuate the Gateway to Nature Centre and go to the Fire Assembly Points in the car park.

An aerial view of a newly built visitor centre at Corrieshalloch Gorge. It shows the access road, ticket booth and newly laid paths surrounding the centre.
The Gateway to Nature Centre



  • Our accessible toilet can be found at the Gateway to Nature Centre.
  • There is a wall-mounted baby changing unit. Please note we do not provide nappy sacks or baby wipes.
  • There are no toilet facilities or baby changing facilities at other parts of the reserve.
  • The door opens outwards and is not automatic.
  • Door width: 85cm
  • Room size: 220cm in width and 180cm in length

Takeaway café

  • The Gateway to Nature Centre has a takeaway café, which sells several hot and cold food and drink options.
  • The path leading to the café has a smooth tarmac.
  • There is no indoor seating available at the Gateway to Nature Centre.
  • The order window of the café is on ground level.
  • The counter height is 78cm.

Outside seating area

An outside seating area with a canopy can be found next to the takeaway café.

  • There are stairs on the left side of the seating area.
  • There is a path to the outdoor seating area on the right side, which has smooth tarmac.
  • The access path to the seating area is 180cm wide.

Getting around

Interpretation panel

  • The interpretation panel is 92cm from the ground and is 180cm high.

The Gateway Path

  • The Gateway Path leads from the Gateway to Nature Centre to the suspension bridge.
  • The Gateway Path is 800m long.
  • The orientation sign is 90cm from the ground and the sign is 76cm high.
  • There are no steps on this path.
  • It is an undulating path with some inclines in places.
  • There are two footbridges without handrails.
  • The footbridge is 125cm wide.
  • There are four benches placed at different locations along the path.
A newly laid boardwalk path runs through woodland.
The Gateway Path

The path from the overflow car park to the suspension bridge

  • This path leads from the overflow car park to the suspension bridge.
  • This path is 400m long.
  • There are no steps on this path.
  • There are two benches located part way along the path.

Lady Fowler’s Fern Walk

  • Lady Fowler’s Fern Walk leads from the overflow car park to the suspension bridge.
  • Lady Fowler’s Fern Walk is 1.2km long.
  • This path has a rough and uneven surface and is narrower than the other paths.
  • This path has steps and cross drains that need to be stepped over.
  • There is a bench located at a viewpoint (385m from the car park).
  • There is a metal walkway over a short section of this path with a handrail.
  • There are two viewing areas, one with an interpretation panel.

The suspension bridge

  • A maximum of 6 people are allowed on the suspension bridge at one time.
  • There is a small step onto the bridge deck.
  • The bridge sways slightly.
  • There is no buggy access onto the suspension bridge.
  • The bridge is 130cm wide.
  • The bridge handrails are at 98cm height.
A view looking directly across a narrow suspension bridge for pedestrians. It has metal railings and cables, with wooden boards on the walkway.
The suspension bridge

The path to the viewing platform

  • The path from the suspension bridge to the viewing platform is 200m.
  • This path includes steps and has a rough and uneven surface.
  • A maximum of 6 people are allowed on the viewing platform.
  • There is a small step onto the viewing platform deck.
  • There is no buggy access onto the viewing platform.
  • The viewing platform is 150cm wide.
  • The viewing platform handrails are at 125cm height.
A man and a woman stand on a metal cantilevered viewing platform that sticks out over a gorge. Green trees cover the steep gorge sides.
The viewing platform

Guide last updated: September 2023

Euan’s Guide

If you have visited us and would like to leave an accessibility review, please go to our page on Euan’s Guide. We value your feedback so we can continue to make Corrieshalloch Gorge a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

The £3.1 million project to build Gateway to Nature facilities at Corrieshalloch Gorge has been made possible by £1,297,071 funding from the Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund, which is led by NatureScot and part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund.

In addition, work on the paths and interpretation on-site has been supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery through the Love Our Nature project.