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Priorwood Garden

Priorwood Garden

A unique garden dedicated to the art of dried flower arranging

  • Explore the rustic walled garden located in the ancient precinct of Melrose Abbey.

  • Discover the history of the garden, and the art of dried flower arranging, in the drying room.

  • Enjoy a picnic in the old orchard, where over 90 different kinds of apple are grown organically, including 70 heritage varieties.

  • Don’t miss David Annand’s beautiful bronze dove sculpture.

With an enviable setting in the ancient precinct of Melrose Abbey, Priorwood Garden has three distinct areas.

The first area is Scotland’s only dedicated dried flower garden. Most of the flowers and herbs are grown for this purpose but they also provide an impressive display in their own right, especially in summer when the herbaceous borders are at their vibrant and colourful best.

With wonderfully framed views across to the abbey, the orchard cultivates many historical apple varieties, as well as plums, pears, damsons and greengages.

Finally, the shady woodland area brings a touch of untamed wildness to the garden.