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Moirlanich Longhouse

Moirlanich Longhouse

Moirlanich Longhouse

A unique insight into rural family life in 19th-century Scotland

  • Discover many original features, including the cruck frame, box beds and a hingin' lum.

  • The kitchen and best room have been restored to show how they would have looked.

  • Look out for the display of the family’s ‘Sunday Best’ and working clothes.

  • See layers of early 20th-century wallpaper and an American gingerbread clock.

In the 19th century, cruck-framed, lime-washed dwellings such as Moirlanich Longhouse were the typical homes of Scotland’s rural communities. Inside, the family’s living quarters were separated from the cattle byre by just a wooden partition.

This beautifully conserved dwelling and byre in Glen Lochay, near Killin, is practically unchanged since it was last lived in by the Robertson family from at least 1809 to 1968. A major change in the longhouse’s 200-year existence was the addition of corrugated iron over the thatch in the 1940s.