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Inveresk Lodge Garden

Inveresk Lodge Garden

Inveresk Lodge Garden

Peaceful sanctuary with tall trees, fragrant flowers, ponds and wildlife galore

  • Enjoy themed borders boasting seasonal delights, from snowdrops and tulips to perfumed roses.

  • Explore the garden in December, when the cold brings out surprising fragrances, such as winter honeysuckle and Christmas box.

  • Wander through wild meadows and woodland.

  • Bring your own nets and try some pond dipping from the platform.

Tall trees, fragrant flowers, clear water – these walled grounds tucked away in the charming village of Inveresk, near Edinburgh, have all the ingredients for garden paradise.

This hillside plant haven offers a sanctuary of tranquillity and a year-round feast for the senses.  It is home to colourful borders and a heady mix of scents, including roses, honeysuckle and herbs. 

The garden is split into two main areas, with sloping lawns and borders at the top of the hill and the wilder woodland and ponds below.