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The National Trust for Scotland offers a wide range of items for your home, many handmade in Scotland including garden. Shop now. 

  1. The medium grey oval recycled pot plant.
    Home & Garden Medium Grey Oval Recycled Plant Pot
  2. The medium oval recycled pot plant sits on a set of steps outside. There are two small plants in it.
    Home & Garden Medium White Oval Recycled Plant Pot
  3. Five Recycled Garden Plant Labels, chalk and wrapping.
    Home & Garden Recycled Garden Plant Labels
  4. The box for the Recycled Bird Food Table.
    Home & Garden Recycled Bird Food Table
  5. The box of the Recycled Bird Cake Kit.
    Home & Garden Recycled Bird Cake Kit
  6. The box for the Recycled Apple Bird Feeder.
    Home & Garden Recycled Apple Bird Feeder
  7. Yellow Lovebirds Birdfeeder
    Home & Garden Yellow Lovebirds Birdfeeder
  8. Green Lovebirds Birdfeeder
    Home & Garden Green Lovebirds Birdfeeder
  9. bird concrete bird feeder
    Home & Garden Bird Concrete Birdfeeder
  10. White Birds & Leaf Birdfeeder
    Home & Garden White Birds & Leaf Birdfeeder
  11. Yellow Great Tit Birdhouse
    Home & Garden Yellow Great Tit Birdhouse
  12. Forest Green Great Tit Birdhouse
    Home & Garden Forest Green Great Tit Birdhouse