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Falls of Glomach

Falls of Glomach

A breathtaking waterfall in some of Scotland's wildest countryside

  • Experience one of the highest and most isolated waterfalls in Britain.

  • Getting to and from the Falls of Glomach involves a 12 mile hike – but it’s worth it.

  • Explore further – the Falls border our photogenic Kintail & Morvich estate.

  • See spectacular Highland views and wildlife along the way.

Venture into this far-flung Highland landscape to stand before one of the highest waterfalls in Britain – 113m of beautiful, crashing, crystal-clear water.

Tumbling down a steep narrow cleft in a remote corner of the Highlands, the Falls of Glomach can only be reached on foot. It’s a 6 hour hike there and back, making the journey a truly isolating and bewitching experience. Their name comes from the Gaelic glòmach, meaning hazy, an apt description as the thundering water is often shrouded in moody mist.

Look out for wildlife including golden eagles, golden plover, herds of red deer and wild goats.