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Kittiwake sites cared for by the Trust
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St Kilda World Heritage Site

St Kilda

Large colonies of Kittiwakes can be found at St. Kilda.

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Large colonies found at St Kilda, Fair Isle, Mingulay, Canna and St Abbs.

Forms large, noisy colonies. The Black-legged Kittiwake is a delicate seabird whose name derives from the sound of its calls.


Small fish, especially sandeels and capelin. Also scavenges and takes fishery discards.

Nest site

On cliffs on islands and the mainland. There is a tendency to select vertical or over-hanging rock faces. The nests are of compacted mud, grass or seaweed, adhering to sometimes impossibly small ledges.


Mid May to mid June. Normally 2 eggs are laid.


Disperses across the North Atlantic, occasionally reaching Canada.


Scotland, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Iceland, Faeroes, Norway and Sweden.