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We care for over 270 miles of upland paths opening up 187,800 acres of glorious Scottish landscape. Our footpaths have to withstand Scotland’s temperamental climate of rain, frost, snow, gales, floods and even blazing sunshine that dries and crumbles the soil around our paths.  Without dedicated care and attention, our footpaths would become eroded and scar the landscape, leading to irreversible damage on Scotland’s magnificent mountains.

Your donation will help us to repair, improve and conserve footpaths which reach into some of the most beautiful wild places in Scotland, such as historic Glencoe, Ben Lomond, Torridon and rugged Goatfell.

With your support, we can ensure Scotland’s incredible spaces and places and the wildlife we share them with are protected now and for everyone who follows in our footsteps. 

Awe-inspiring Mountains We Care For


The National Trust for Scotland Footpath Fund cares for some of Scotland’s magnificent landscapes and for over 400km of upland paths

  1. Glencoe & Dalness 1

    Glencoe & Dalness

    An unforgettable place of dramatic mountains, rare beauty and haunting history

  2. Ben Lomond 2

    Ben Lomond

    Scotland's most southerly Munro

  3. Torridon 3


    Paradise for hikers, climbers, geologists and nature lovers

  4. Goatfell 4


    A wild, rugged landscape with spectacular views

  5. Kintail 5


    An isolated wonderland of rugged beauty

  6. West Affric 6

    West Affric

    Step off the beaten track into the wild beauty of West Affric

  7. Mar Lodge Estate 7

    Mar Lodge Estate

    Wild beauty of the Cairngorms with 15 Munros and a wildlife wonderland

  8. Grey Mare's Tail 8

    Grey Mare's Tail

    A dramatic and mesmerising waterfall