See the Hill House from a new perspective


What do you love about Scotland?

I love that we’re the best in the world at some things.

Its amazing buildings.

The culture.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

I love that we still care about things that really matter.

From heroes to heritage, pioneering design to cutting-edge conservation, you’ll find everything you love about Scotland at the Hill House.

See Mackintosh from a new perspective.

Visit today, for the love of Scotland.

‘Here is the house’ said Mackintosh to Walter Blackie on completion of the Hill House. ‘It is not an Italian Villa, an English Mansion House, a Swiss Chalet, or a Scotch Castle. It is a Dwelling House.’

The Hill House is considered to be a Scottish architectural domestic masterpiece. Commissioned by Glasgow publisher Walter Blackie, the married duo of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the artist Margaret Macdonald collaborated to create almost everything you can see here, from the building itself to the furniture and textiles.

A home to the Blackie family for nearly 50 years, the Hill House has fascinating stories waiting to be discovered. Venture inside to see the iconic designs and find out about the people who lived here.

Walk around the many rooms of the house, including the newly-reopened Cloakroom, Boot Room and Daughters’ Bedroom, and marvel at the stunning interiors.

Experience the Hill House all to yourself with a private viewing in the morning or after hours – just ask the Hill House team for more details.