Hill House Box

The Hill House is ‘dissolving like an aspirin in a glass of water’.

See The Hill House from a new perspective

To protect the Hill House, we’ve embarked on a pioneering conservation programme. The first stage has seen the construction of the Hill House Box, a protective steel frame structure covered in a chainmail mesh designed to protect the house from the rain. This will allow the walls to dry and prevent further damage.

Arguably as pioneering as the Hill House in 1904, the Box, along with a new visitor centre, will deliver a unique visitor experience.

Discover parts of the Hill House usually hidden from view on the walkways around the house. For those with a head for heights, venture onto the walkway over the roof to see the house in a way that even Mackintosh himself could not experience! While on the walkways, enjoy the spectacular views of Helensburgh and the surrounding area.

Ask the Hill House team about the Box, the plans for the future or why we believe protecting the Hill House is so important. This is your chance to join the conversations that architects, conservators and historians will be having about the Hill House over the next ten years.