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Guided tours and workshops

Our guided tour begins in Smail’s Stationer’s Shop and then takes you to the Smail’s office, where the print, shop and newspaper archives are held, through the paper store and into the Caseroom, where you can try setting type by hand for a souvenir bookmark. Downstairs, you can see the Arab Clamshell, Wharfedale and Heidelberg printing presses in motion. Much of the printing works looks exactly as it did at its height around 1900, including never-collected printing jobs, the water wheel and belts and pulleys systems that powered the works, and the collections of lead and wooden type used since the 1860s.

Guided tours are seasonal and pre-booking is advised. Access to the printing works is by guided tour only.

We offer exclusive one-day hands-on workshops for a more immersive experience in letterpress printing. These workshops are available three times a year: in spring, summer and autumn. They are a rare opportunity to delve deeper into the art of letterpress printing.

Guided tours can be booked via Eventbrite.

More information and booking can be found on our Events and Facebook pages. To book in advance and be notified of workshop dates, email us at to be added to the mailing list.