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Ayrshire & Arran

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

Makin fir here

Address Robert Burns Birthplace Museum Murdoch's Lone Alloway Ayr KA7 4PQ

Robert Burns Burthplace Museum is in Alloway, 2 ½ mile sooth o Ayr an is signpostit fae the A77.  It’s aroon 40 meenits fae Glesga. Thaur’s a reglar train service fae Glesga tae Ayr, an fae Ayr thaur’s a local bus service tae Alloway. 

Hoo tae git a haud o us

Phone nummer: 01292 443700

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Whit times wir open


Christmas closures: 25, 26 Dec and 1, 2 Jan

Burns Cottage

Christmas closures: 25, 26 Dec and 1, 2 Jan

Hoo much is it tae get in?

One adult family

Members git in fir nowt

At aa trust bits, ye’ll git in fir nowt gin ye’ve jint

Jine frae £4.65

Ettlin fir a veesit

Parkin is available at the museum biggin as weel as the Burns Cottar Hoose biggin, bit mind it isnae onie bother tae tak a dauner roon the sicht.  

Ye cin coff up fir tickets at Burns Cottar Hoose Biggin as weel as the main museum biggin oan Murdoch’s Lone.  The twa sichts ur jint by a pad caad the Makar’s Pad. 

Thaur’s wan electric caur chairgin stob at the museum biggin. It hus twa chairgin spaces wi the follaein specificaishuns: Ratin: 7kW 32A – Socket: Type 2 Mennekes. 

Dugs ur walcome in the gairden bit mind an no let thaim aff the lead! 

If ye’ve onie mair speirins aboot ettlin tae veesit, mind an hae a wee swatch at oor list o speirins.


  • Disabled parkin is available at baith Burns Cottar Hoose Biggin an the museum biggin.
  • Baith the museum biggin an the Eddication Paveelion (neist tae Burns Cottar Hoose Biggin) hae accessible cludgies. 
  • The twa foremaist sichts (Burns Cottar Hoose Biggin an the museum biggin) ur jint by the Makar’s Pad, a 500m fit-fowk pad. Oan days whin the sicht is hotchin wi fowk, oor volunteers rin a reglar electric shuttle alang it. 
  • Thaur is access oan the flat tae Burns Cottar Hoose Biggin an the museum biggin. The Makar’s Pad is oan the flat as weel an the Moniment Gairdens ur hurliechair accessible. 
  • We bode accessible openins oan the forehaund Tuesday o ilka month fae 3-5pm. Robert Burns Burthplace Museum – interactive screens an soond effecks wull be turnt aff. 
  • The historical pairts o the sicht, sic lik the Auld Kirk, Brig o Doon an Burns Moniment, hiv shooglie steps, surfaces an causeystanes. 
  • Assistance dugs ur walcome ben the sicht. The museum biggin, eddication areas an foregaitherin rooms ur set up wi induction loops. Hurliechairs ur available fir onie veesitors wha micht need tae yais thaim. 

We ay hiv an ongoin programme o accessible content development gaun oan. Speirins oan the ins an oots o oor accessibility fir the foremaist Trust airts ur available on oor Accessibility pages as weel as links tae yuisfae resources.

We’d luve ye tae veesit the Euan’s Guide wabsite tae mak a scance oan the accessibility o Trust airts an lit us (as weel as ither fowk) ken whit’s guid an whit we maun ettle tae dae better.