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Those who think that composing a Scotch song is a trifling business, let them try.’  [Scrievin fae Robert Burns tae James Hoy, 6 November 1787]

This biggin is an expairience fir aa the senses: tak tent o Burns’s wirds, haunle objecks connecktit tae the man, play gemms thit redd oot his mysteries an tak pleesure fae veesual airtwirks. 

Stert wi haen a swatch at the cutty walcome video an then dauner ben the slidin doors tae steep yirsel in Burns’s warld. 

Foremaist exhibeetion

This is a sel-guidit space whaur yir lowse tae reenge the wirk, life an legacy o Burns, wi interactive gemms an quizzes fir aa ages. 

Play a wheen o tunes oan the Burns jukeboax, lairn whit he thocht aboot the het poleetical gaun oans o the day an hing a scart oan the trystin tree. 

Hae a leuk at hoo wi’ve biggit a faithfu picter o his facial features – ye cin dae a wee bit o forensic howkin yirsel intae hoo Burns micht hae deid, an git yir ain shaddae portrait mak’d oan sicht. 

Buiks an writs

Of coorse, the exhibeetion shaws a wheen o Burns maist by-ordinar wirks, in baith buik an writ form, alang wi a wheen o audio an visual aids, tae gie ye a haun tae owerset thaim. 

Amang some o oor unco bonnie traisures ur the Kilmarnock Edition, the annotated Scots Musical Museum, an William Burnes’s Guid Buik thit records the date o Burn’s burth. 

Ilka oor, the museum birsts intae life wi an audio-veesual fantoosh o his poems an sangs.


The exhibeetion is spreckled wi oreeginal airtwirks, sic lik portraits by Alexander Nasmyth an Archibald Skirving, alangside pentins o Mauchline Holy Fair an David Robert’s kintra vizzie o the Burns Moniment an Brig o’ Doon. 

Collectors’ hings an Burnsiana

Thaur ur muckle bonnie hings thit yainst belanged tae Burns as weel as mindins oan shaw here. Aiblins ye’ll see Burns’s scrievin kit fir gaun aboot wi, the cast o his powe, twa pistols he yaised whin wirkin as a gauger – an e’en a swirl o the bard’s herr. 

By-ordinar exhibeetion space

Ben the loby opposeet the shoap, thaur’s a space jist fir temporary exhibeetions, whaur we shaw by-ordinar hings fae oor gaitherins alangside historic an modren airtwirks inspired by Burns. 


Oor Burns-themed play grunn, Scots Wa-Hey is perfit fir wee veesitors an is fu o daffin hings. It hus a wee Burns Cottar Hoose Biggin, Tam o Shanter zip wire, Carlines’ Cauldron roonaboot an Auld Kirk sclimbin waa, an it taks tent o the Scots leid.