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Battle of Killiecrankie

Begin your Jacobite tour here – Killiecrankie was part of the first Jacobite Rising when, against the odds, John Graham of Claverhouse (Bonnie Dundee) led his men to victory in support of the exiled King James VII & II. Although the battlefield is situated about a mile north of the visitor centre, the troops travelled through the Pass of Killiecrankie both before and during the battle.

Despite being outnumbered by over 1,000 men, Killiecrankie was the only battle the Jacobites ever won. Fuelled by their victory, many of the Jacobites chased the fleeing Redcoats back through the Pass of Killiecrankie. This included Donald McBane and Barthold Balfour – both of whom left their legacies at Killiecrankie in the form of Soldier’s Leap and the Balfour Stone.

Find out more about the battle, the events leading up to it and the key figures involved at the visitor centre. You can also see real weapons from the battle, as well as replicas which are available for handling.

The success of the Jacobites here paved the way for the hasty second Rising a month later in Dunkeld. Further stops on your Jacobite tour include GlencoeKintailGlenfinnan and Culloden.