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Collections care and conservation

As Scotland’s leading conservation charity, the Trust is privileged to care for countless objects and interiors that span many centuries and have international significance. At the House of the Binns, our collections care team undertakes daily work across the property to ensure the longevity and safety of the impressive and unique Dalyell collection.

Their main task is to ensure that the collection is maintained to the highest standards of care to preserve it for future generations. This involves many varied tasks to prevent and limit the deterioration of the objects. Every day differs, from conservation housekeeping to monitoring environments and auditing collections. The team are also responsible for the documentation of collections, which involves assigning each object an individual accession number and ensuring the accurate upkeep of information. They also monitor the environments of the house, track the presence of museum pests and work to mitigate the potential risks to the objects that come from contact with people.

If you would like to learn more about collections care at the House of the Binns, specialist tours are planned throughout the year.