Woodland walks

We have an extensive network of paths throughout the estate. Don’t miss Lady Augusta’s Walk through the Den of Dun, a narrow gorge in the west of the grounds. You’ll pass by waterfalls and mature woodland dotted with rhododendrons and azaleas – a riot of colour in spring. Reaching the west walled garden, the ruins of the original Dun Castle and the family mausoleum can be found. The castle dated back to the 14th century but was destroyed during the Civil War of the 17th century. Later, this area was used as a productive kitchen garden for the main house.

Keep your eyes open for wildlife – roe deer, otters and red squirrels can be sometimes seen along the way, as well as woodland birds like treecreepers, woodpeckers and yellowhammers.

The woodland walk continues under the road bridge to Fordhouse Barrow, an ancient burial mound, before returning to the house. During the Neolithic period, around 4000BC, this site became a place of worship. The people living here built a long barrow – a massive rectangular mound constructed with wooden posts and earth – and would either have buried their dead inside the mound or perhaps laid the bodies on top of it.