Now home to the Angus Folk Collection, the courtyard buildings at House of Dun have been transformed into an exciting new visitor experience, celebrating the people of Angus and bringing their stories to life. Discover the fascinating history of rural life in the region and explore the important role played by the horse and the plough, as well as learn how vital the agricultural industry is to Scotland.

This collection was first amassed by Jean, Lady Maitland during the mid-20th century, who recognised the value of local history and in collecting the everyday items around us before they disappear into obscurity. She searched the length and breadth of Angus to ensure the survival of the treasures preserved for us today.

From the tools needed to till the land and raise livestock, to the paraphernalia that transformed milk to butter and fleeces to wool, the collection serves as an important reminder of the rich agricultural heritage of Angus. There are also several pieces related to weaving, which was once a hugely important cottage industry in the area.