Holmwood House is situated in what was once the picturesque Archaridan estate, offering views of the White Cart Valley and the remnants of Cathcart Castle. Unfortunately, the castle fell into disrepair in the 18th century and was completely demolished in 1980, leaving only its foundations visible.

Originally, James Couper, who Alexander Thomson built Holmwood for, commissioned the villa’s construction to overlook the river, allowing him to glimpse the chimney of his paper mill.

Today, the villa is enveloped by a serene woodland, and its grounds are nestled beside the White Cart Water, a vibrant wildlife corridor. This natural beauty and the villa’s rich history create the perfect setting for visitors to explore.

As you enter the estate, you’ll immediately feel a sense of seclusion. A gate conveniently connects our grounds with Linn Park, a Local Nature Reserve spanning 203 acres and the second-largest park in the city. It’s the perfect place to take a stroll after your visit to Holmwood.

Our dedicated gardening team and volunteers care for our grounds and vegetable beds, seasonal produce from which is available to purchase for a small donation. We also grow edible flowers, some of which are used in our baked goods.

Our grounds are open to the public free of charge and are dog-friendly, although we kindly request that dogs be kept on a lead.