The Drawing Room

Situated on the first floor, overlooking Charlotte Square Gardens, the drawing room is the centrepiece of the Georgian House and highlights the grandness of upper-class living in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The décor and furnishings, designed to impress guests and show off the family’s wealth, give us an insight into the details of Georgian interiors, from the fire screen and the pastille burners to the ‘close’ fitted carpet. A room for social gatherings and parties, it’s a space that wouldn’t be out of place in a scene from Bridgerton or Pride and Prejudice!

The drawing room was the entertaining space of 7 Charlotte Square, where invited guests would gather for evenings of dancing, socialising and playing cards. Often the motivations behind these parties would be for young women to find suitable husbands. Playing the square piano or the flute would have been one way to showcase the talents of young ladies and their suitability as a wife.

Some of the paintings that decorate the walls include Allan Ramsay’s ‘Portrait of the Unknown Lady’ which hangs above the fireplace (her eyes follow you as you walk around), and familiar city sites such as St Bernard’s Well in Edinburgh and Glasgow Green (although not quite as they appear now).

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