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The history of the gardens at Fyvie date back to the improvements made by General William Gordon in the late 18th century. On your visit you can explore the restored Walled Garden, one of Scotland’s great gardens – it’s laid out in a pattern to mirror the stunning plaster ceiling in the castle’s Dining Room. 

Within the walls of this garden grow an array of Scottish fruits and vegetables, many of which will end up in the castle’s tearoom. If you fancy sampling the homegrown produce, there’s also a bothy with some vegetables for sale.

Box hedging surrounds gravelled areas with plants (lots of lavender) and a stone statue of an angel. A stone outbuilding is in the background.
The walled garden in summer at Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle has a special connection to America, as this is where Lord Leith made his fortune. Naturally then, we have set aside space for an American Garden. On the walk from the car park to the castle, you travel through the garden, passing alongside and under species of plants and trees introduced by the Forbes-Leiths, inspired from their time across the Atlantic.

If you have any questions about any of the plants you see in the garden, our gardeners are often on hand to answer your queries and to offer their expertise.