Please note that the Tower is currently not accessible to visitors until further notice, due to ongoing structural repairs.

The imposing medieval tower of Drum Castle in Aberdeenshire is one of the oldest of its kind in Scotland – a gift from Robert the Bruce to his faithful confidant, William de Irwin. Climb the steep steps to the battlements at the top and enjoy stunning views over the estate and beyond on all four sides.

Afterwards, take a guided tour of this fascinating castle, and learn all about the endeavours of the noble Irvine clan from their origins to the present day. Discover tales of intrigue and romance from the turbulent days of the Jacobite risings, and follow in the footsteps of Drum’s intrepid 17th laird who fought alongside Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) at Culloden. Be sure to see the grand Victorian library with its impressive collection of over 4,000 valuable books, high vaulted ceiling and the secret network of chambers concealed behind the bookcases.

In our gallery space on the second floor of the castle, you can enjoy a programme of temporary exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing the finest examples of contemporary Scottish art.