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Aberdeen City & Shire

Drum Castle, Garden & Estate

Jacobite tales whisper through the medieval grand hall of this castle

Upcoming Events

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Drum Castle

30 Mar 2018 - 2 Apr 2018
Paid Event

Come along to Drum Castle for a weekend of family fun at the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.

Marian Clayden: Dressing up Drum

30 Mar 2018
Paid Event

Drum Castle's latest exhibition features the work of internationally renowned textile artist, Marian Clayden.

Drum Castle Easter Children's Walk: Who ate the Easter Eggs?

1 Apr 2018 - 2 Apr 2018
Paid Event | Book online

Some animal has stolen some eggs from the castle kitchen. But who could it be? We’ll go in search of the animal’s habitat and look at the clues before deciding who did it! A fun way to learn about six animals found around Drum Estate.

Drum Castle: Snuffling about, badgers at Drum

5 Apr 2018
Paid Event | Book online

Discover more about the badgers living in the woods at Drum. What they eat, where they make their homes and the clues they leave behind. What are snuffle holes and how would we recognise one?

Drum Castle: The Secret Life of the Old Wood of Drum

29 Apr 2018
Paid Event | Book online

Learn about the Old Wood of Drum, the quiet battles going on within and around it and some of the creatures that frequent it. Why there are mast years, and what does this mean for a jay in the wood? How can the trees protect themselves against the effects of climate change? Why do tawny owls prefer ancient woodland and which tree species is most like Robert the Bruce? The answers to these questions and more during this 1.5mile walk lasting 1.5hours.

Jaguar Classic Car Show

29 Jul 2018
Paid Event

MG Classic Car Show

5 Aug 2018
Paid Event