Family and pet friendly

We welcome everyone to Crarae Garden, from keen and expert gardeners to folk simply wanting a beautiful place to walk their dog. We’ve even had somebody bring their pet parrot! We just ask that pets are kept on a lead at all times in the garden, please.

There is an extensive path network across the garden, which is well signposted. Storm damage in recent years has resulted in some changes to the garden layout, but there is a large map in the visitor centre that is regularly updated with any path diversions/trail information.

Children love to explore the woodland paths, gazing up at the towering trees, peering over the bridges spanning the tumbling burn through the gorge, and imagining they’re on a real adventure!

Two people stand on a wooden platform, looking out across a tumbling burn through a rocky gorge. The banks are filled with rhododendrons. It is a very sunny day.