Harbour and Notices to Mariners

The National Trust for Scotland is the Statutory Harbour Authority for Canna Harbour and is responsible for making sure the harbour is managed within the requirements of the Harbours Act 1964 and the Port Marine Safety Code.

The harbour operates all year round, providing a vital link for the island community and visitors with the mainland.

There is a regular ferry service from Mallaig provided by Caledonian MacBrayne (MV Loch Nevis), which operates 6 times per week between March and October, and 3 times per week in the winter months. Tickets can be booked online.

In addition to the ferry service, there are other commercial and leisure vessels using the harbour facilities, eg cruise ships, private yachts, RIBs and fishing vessels. The community manages the 10 moorings within the harbour, which can be paid for in the community shop.

The harbour is managed by a Pier Manager and staff.

Isle of Canna – Notice to Mariners Number 1 2024

Information for Vessels and Users of Canna Harbour

All mariners and Harbour Users are advised to adhere to the following:

Slipway users

  • Do not leave tenders moored to the slipway. Tenders should be brought ashore and space for storage is available at the top of the slipway.
  • The slipway must not be used while the Calmac ferry is berthing. This includes tenders approaching to land and other vessels eg kayaks.


  • There is currently no water tap available or the facility for the purchase of fuel at Canna Harbour.
  • There are 3 skips (general waste; cardboard; plastic recycling and glass) on Canna Pier. These are bright yellow and located at the far end past the HM Office. These are not open skips; please use doors and apertures on the sides.


  • The moorings are owned by the Isle of Canna Community Development Trust and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please pay for your mooring in the Canna Community Shop.
  • Moorings 1–5 (innermost in bay) are two x 1-ton concrete blocks chained together on the seabed. Moorings 6–10 (outermost in bay) are one x 2-ton concrete blocks on the seabed. Moorings are suitable for vessels up to 12 tons. All moorings are used at skipper’s risk.
  • The moorings closest to Sanday are sometimes exposed to strong, easterly winds. Vessels should pay attention to this when using them or anchoring.


  • Moorings are £20 per night; cash and card payments are available.


  • No anchoring within 100m of the slipway or pier.
  • Canna Harbour has a large amount of kelp growing on the seabed. Mariners should be aware whilst anchoring in the bay.

For further information and harbour-related queries, please contact

Tel: 01687 310733 (currently unmanned)

Maps and bathymetric charts are available in the Pier waiting room.

Marine staff will be available throughout the summer season from April to September. During the winter months, please contact the email above.

National Trust for Scotland
March 2024


Unlike the other islands in the Small Isles, Canna is completely rat-free following a two-year project in 2016 to eradicate them. In the past, rats have devastated Canna’s birdlife and we do not want this to happen again. If you see any signs of rodent activity, please report this to Trust staff as soon as possible.

We ask all users of the harbour, both vessels and visitors, to remain vigilant and to be aware that we have bait stations located around the island to check for unwanted vermin.

Please ensure that all rubbish, especially food waste, is disposed of in the skips at the pier.