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Battle of Bannockburn experience

The Battle of Bannockburn – who wins? You decide …

Take your place on the battlefield. Stand shoulder to shoulder with fearless medieval warriors. Witness two opposing kings – Robert the Bruce and Edward II – whose tactics in 1314 changed the path of Scotland’s history forever.

Such a major battle has left tantalisingly few traces. In the absence of any archaeological evidence, the Battle of Bannockburn experience harnesses 3D technology to bring Scottish history to life. Located on the site where Robert the Bruce raised his standard and assembled the Scottish army in 1314, you’ll be taken through a series of 3D films depicting the events before, during and after the battle.

Witness the sights and sounds of medieval battle first-hand, including ancient battle strategies, weapons and armour. The experience also explores the stories of the battle, common myths and misconceptions, as well as the wider implications that the Battle of Bannockburn had on Scottish history.

Your tour will culminate in a visit to our Battle Room. Here, you’ll witness Bruce’s decisive victory against all odds before being given the opportunity to re-create the battle and take command of our virtual battlefield.

Guided by our expert Battle Master, you can try out your own battle tactics and skills, leading your own division of medieval solders in a dramatic battle simulation to determine the outcome of the Battle of Bannockburn. Or you can watch your family and friends play from the gallery.

Tickets for the Battle of Bannockburn Experience can be booked online.