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11 Sept 2019

Women’s hidden stories

A black and white photograph of Miss Toward. She stands in front of a stone wall and shutters, next to a window box.
Agnes Toward was a typist who lived at the Tenement House in Glasgow.
We’re highlighting the hidden stories of women and girls that have been overshadowed or forgotten over the years and showing how the objects in our care can reveal new ways of thinking about Scotland’s women.

Over the past few years, Project Reveal and the Morton Photography Project have been working to document and digitise the National Trust for Scotland’s historical collections.

Along the way, they have discovered the stories of several women and girls. Some are already known to Trust staff and visitors, while some have been overshadowed by others associated with them, or simply overlooked and forgotten.

Throughout this series, members of the project teams are sharing their experiences, thoughts and research to show how the objects we care for can reveal new ways of thinking about Scotland’s women.

Read more about their discoveries below.

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