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21 Apr 2017

Wild Seascapes

See the wild seascapes of St Abb's Head, less than an hour from Edinburgh.

Not many people realise that the National Trust for Scotland is guardian of the habitats of more seabirds than any other organisation in Scotland and the British Isles.  St Abb’s Head represents one of the most important of those habitats and is one of our many coastal properties – we own and manage 400 islands and islets and huge areas of coastline. 

St Abb’s Head is probably the most accessible breeding seabird colony on the East Coast of Scotland, but there is much more to cherish and enjoy here: wildflowers, butterflies, grey seals, geology, stunning scenery.  It is a privilege to be somewhere where you can feel like you are in a really wild place, a million miles from anywhere, yet be just a short distance away from the city of Edinburgh and the A1.

Only with your help can we carry on caring for places as special as St Abb’s Head.

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