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14 Oct 2021

Why we love the National Trust for Scotland

We love our places


The National Trust for Scotland is important to me because we are playing a big part in preserving Scotland’s heritage and it is a big job.

This garden, above many others I've been into, has what you call a spirit of place - you know, when you come in, the world stills down and it just gives you a lovely feeling of peace.

I love everything about the Tenement House but perhaps my favourite thing is the way that people can connect to the stories of women and women’s history.

There's not a male narrative in this house and that's amazing - they were both really inspiring Glasgow working women.

One of the things that I love about St Abb’s Head is it is seabird city.

It is such a special place that we really want to share everything that we have here.

So what we'll do in the summer, often we’ll sit up on the cliff tops, we’ll set up telescopes, you can come and look through binoculars and we can bring the place to life for you and tell you about the seabirds and their lives that they have.

I definitely recommend coming to St Abb’s Head in the summer.

The Hill House - I’d be in my 20s the first time I went there and what I loved about it was the fact that it was almost caught in time.

It was as if you were part of the family that lived in the house and you could see it was a total domestic house, but designed to this kind of amazing level.

It was just like a kind of wonderful place, so I always remember that and I go back so many times and you still get the same feeling.

I just love this place because it's a beautiful place to work first and foremost.

I'm learning something new every day and it’s given me a better appreciation of the Trust.

I've been a member for over 30 years but working here for the last three years has let me see just what it's all about.

It’s just a wonderful place to work.

What I love about this place is the sheer history that the building embodies. It's not just the history of the people that lived here over 500 years and their changing fortunes; it's the changing fortunes and the social and commercial history of Edinburgh’s Old Town as a whole.

I love this place because I just love to be outside, to be in contact with nature more and it's fantastic, the life is just amazing.

I love the House of Dun for the ability to say that I work in one of the most beautiful places in Scotland.

It’s got to be one of the best places I've worked in ever.

You have so many lovely people coming in and interested with the history and being a part of that is just spellbinding.

I love the Georgian House because it's a wonderful authentic restoration of an Edinburgh New Town house and it's wonderful to tell the stories of Edinburgh’s New Town to our visitors and to give them a flavour of what it would have been like to live and grow up in the New Town.

I love this place because I think it really feeds creativity and it's just a really beautiful place to be and it just has a good effect on people and I think that's probably why I love it.

The National Trust for Scotland means so much to so many.

From coastlines to castles, mountains to mansions and beyond, we are proud to be guardians of some of Scotland's most loved places.

Through the Trust so many people come together to protect and care for the places we all love, so thank you to every one of our supporters for showing how you care for the love of Scotland.

From coastlines to castles, mountains to mansions and beyond, the National Trust for Scotland means so much to so many people. For 90 years, we’ve been proud to care for and protect some of Scotland’s most loved places.

We hope you enjoy this short film that celebrates just some of the places we all love.

I love this place

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