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22 Oct 2020

What’s up at Pollok

Written by Real Reviews
A grand 3-storey Georgian House, flanked by two single-storey pavilions. There are curving stone steps with two lion statues on pillars leading up to the house.
Pollok House, Glasgow
You might be thinking that there would be less to do and see at Pollok because of the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s actually just as interesting and still a great way to spend a day.

| Update 20/11/23: Pollok House closed on 20 November 2023 for approximately two years to facilitate the second phase of a £4 million programme of investment led by Glasgow City Council. |

In Pollok House there’s so much to see and do. There’s a Highland cow hunt for younger children and lots of portraits that the owner of the house collected. There’s also a very nice café that sells delicious cakes and hot chocolate that you can eat and drink outside in the beautiful garden. While you’re there, you can explore the garden on a very enjoyable walk that has multiple different routes.

A view of a parterre garden, with a sloping  bed filled with colourful flowers in the background. Beyond that is a woodland of mainly deciduous trees.
The parterre garden

In the house one of the paintings that caught my eye was one of the young King Charles II of Spain. His face looks a bit creepy and he’s very pale. He has something called the ‘Habsburg jaw’, which was a jaw deformity that made the king’s face unusually long. This happened because his parents were cousins and yet still got married in order to keep the throne.

Portrait of a boy with long brown hair. He has an elongated face with a pronounced jaw.
Charles II of Spain (© CSG CIC Glasgow Museums and Libraries Collections)

Another part of the house that I liked was the library – it’s very big and has a lot of books. There’s also an example of the kind of clothes that women used to wear back then – bright purply-pink and very extravagant!

A grand library, with two archways leading to a room with a grand piano.
The library

Overall, I think that it’s a great idea to visit Pollok House because there’s so much to do and it’s an amazing place.

We’d like to thank our young writer Margaret for reviewing her trip to Pollok House.

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