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18 Nov 2020

What’s up at Dollar Glen

Written by Real Reviews
Moss-covered land surrounds the Burns of Care and Sorrow
Dollar Glen is very scenic and a lovely place to visit with family, friends or just by yourself. It continues to be a fantastic place to visit even with the coronavirus pandemic going on.

On my trip to Dollar Glen with my family, we went on a very beautiful walk. I don’t usually like walks because I find them boring, but Dollar Glen is one of my favourites. It’s especially beautiful in autumn because of the orange leaves. The path is steep on the way up but it isn’t unmanageable and as you ascend there are good views and also some little streams and waterfalls. Along the way there are wooden statues that have coins stuck in them. My favourite was the one shaped like a mushroom.

A ruined castle sits high on a hill. There is a rough path leading up to it; the bracken on either side of the path is turning orange and brown as it is autumn.
A view of Castle Campbell, above Dollar Glen

At the top is the ruin of Castle Campbell (managed by Historic Environment Scotland). It isn’t open at the moment because of coronavirus, but I’ve been there before and it’s a wonderful place to shelter from the wind. It has lots of twisty stairways to climb and views down the glen. The way down is my favourite because you get to go over a wooden bridge that gives a beautiful view down the hill. Dollar Glen is home to lots of wildlife – I saw some big shiny black beetles that kept falling over on their backs so I picked one of them up and put it in the grass.

A path with steps and a wooden bridge across a burn and small waterfall in a wooded landscape in autumn.
The way down

After we had finished the walk we went down into the little town of Dollar and walked to a nice café where I got a takeaway tea and a traybake – they were both delicious. In conclusion, I think that Dollar Glen is a very relaxing and enjoyable place to visit and it’s especially fun for dogs. I highly recommend going there!

Looking down at three pairs of muddy walking boots. Fallen leaves are on the ground.
Muddy boots

Thank you to our young writer Margaret for reviewing her trip to Dollar Glen.

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