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8 May 2019

Uncover the secrets of Glencoe

Glencoe with purple heather in the foreground
We’ve invited history and archaeology enthusiasts to take part in an exciting dig, exposing a site from the Glencoe Massacre of 1692, along with archaeologists and Thistle Camp volunteers in Glencoe back in May.

Our archaeologists and volunteers have been undertaking the archaeological excavation at Achtriochtan, uncovering a turf and stone-built house that dates back to the time of the Glencoe Massacre.

Visitors had the opportunity to open a large trench and record any findings and artefacts that emerge during the dig.

The information gathered will help us develop plans to construct a replica turf house at the National Trust for Scotland’s newly revamped Glencoe Visitor Centre.

“Glencoe is brimming with history and this is a great chance for enthusiasts to help archaeologists reveal more about the people who once lived in the heart of the glen.”
Derek Alexander
Head of Archaeology at the National Trust for Scotland

Derek added: ‘We’ve already had great feedback on our new and improved visitor centre. The replica turf house will only add to the visitor experience, giving our visitors a real insight into what life was like here.

‘It’s another example of how we’re weaving the stories of Glencoe throughout the visitor centre. These great new facilities make it even easier for the Trust to share our love of Scotland and help people experience and value this beautiful place. It’s a job we’re proud to do.’

Glencoe visitor centre seen through the glen
Photographer: Mike Bolam

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