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14 Oct 2019

Trust calls for funding support for Scotland’s landscapes

A seal lies on a sandy Mingulay beach with a turquoise sea in the background.
Scotland is home to some of the UK’s most important species, but only receives a fraction of the available funding.
A new film launched last week highlights the need for funding to protect Scotland’s nature. Scottish Environment Link worked with Maramedia on the film.


Video is subtitled.

As part of Scottish Environment LINK, the National Trust for Scotland has been involved in launching a new film which highlights that just 5% of available UK charitable grants go to protect Scotland’s nature.

Scottish Environment LINK is a coalition of more than 35 Scottish conservation and environmental groups and charities, and worked with Maramedia to create the stunning film This is Scotland.

The film aims to highlight a worrying trend that was first revealed in the 2017 report ‘Where the Green Grants Went, Scotland’, which showed that only 29% of grant giving foundations operating in the UK gave grants to environmental causes in Scotland.

Although Scotland is home to 56% of the UK’s coastline, coastal and marine ecosystems in Scotland received just 3% of environmental funding. Climate and atmosphere-related work received even less: 0.4% of all environmental grants by value.

Maramedia, the company behind landmark BBC nature documentary series including Highlands: Scotland’s Wild Heart and Hebrides: Islands on the Edge, created the film using beautiful footage of Scotland’s wild flora and fauna.