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12 Nov 2019

Top 8 Harry Potter Christmas gifts

A replica wand of Harry Potter is shown flying in mid-air in front of a bookcase.
Looking for Harry Potter gift ideas this Christmas? Don’t know what to get the Ravenclaw in your family? There’s something in the National Trust for Scotland online shop for Potterheads of all ages. This list introduces some of the exciting products in this range, including replica notebooks, light-up models and advent calendars.

1. Harry Potter Advent Calendars

Fans will love counting down to Christmas with these two advent calendars, filled with 24 Harry Potter items.

The Accessories Advent Calendar is packed full of officially licensed pin badges, keyrings, bookmarks, button badges and pens.

The Jewellery Advent Calendar includes a charm bracelet, charms, earrings and necklaces, all officially licensed and silver plated.

Hop on your Nimbus 2000 and order before 1 December!

2. Lambswool Fair Isle Scarf

A purple, green and white striped woollen scarf is shown floating mid-air in front of a bookcase.

This scarf is a festive gift for fans and non-fans alike. It’s a copy of the one worn by Hermione Granger in the film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Made from 100% lambswool, it comes in a stone colour with a purple and green pattern inspired by the Fair Isle technique.

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3. Harry Potter Journals

These collectable hardback journals are replicas from many of the films, created by designers MinaLima. From The Tales of Beedle the Bard to Advanced Potion Making, Harry Potter fans will be familiar with these books and can create their own stories, potions and spells!

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4. Hogwarts House Crest Notebooks

If you’ve been to a Sorting Ceremony recently, you’ll know exactly in which house you stand. But are you Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw?

These four notebooks feature the iconic crest of each house and are replicas designed by MinaLima.

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5. Harry Potter’s Wand

A replica wand of Harry Potter is shown flying in mid-air in front of a bookcase.

Obliviate! Expelliarmus! Wingardium Leviosa! This is a hand-painted replica of the wand that chose Harry Potter, ‘the boy who lived’, when he visited Ollivanders Wand Shop for the first time.

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6. Harry Potter Magnets

These magnets make a great stocking filler and are a compact way to add to a growing Harry Potter collection!

The 6 magnet sets have Ministry of Magic Proclamations and Wanted posters, Daily Prophet headlines, Hogwarts acceptance letters and book covers, and an alphabet set.

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7. Ollivanders Wand Shop Model Light

An illuminated model of Ollivanders Wand Shop sits on a book shelf.

Do you choose the wand or does the wand choose you? Located in Diagon Alley, Ollivanders was founded in 382 BC. It’s the place where every young wizard receives their wand.

The model lights up, to recreate the inviting glow of an evening stroll down Diagon Alley.

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8. The Burrow Model Light

An illuminated model of the Burrow, a higgledy-piggledy cottage, sits on a book shelf.

Harry’s favourite place to spend his holidays is with the Weasley family at their country home, nicknamed the Burrow. A truly magical place, this five-storey cottage is a warm and welcoming home for Ron and all his siblings.

The model lights up, to recreate the cosy glow of the windows in the Burrow.

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With over 40 Harry Potter gifts in our range, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Every penny you spend with us will help protect Scotland’s heritage.