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19 Aug 2019

Starting on Newhailes’ Stables

A hand holds a Trust omega-shaped sign (stating LOVE) in front of Newhailes House
The Trust is investing in visitor facilities at Newhailes House and Gardens, Musselburgh
We’re now embarking on the next stage of the Newhailes Revival project, this time by transforming the historical stables to provide a warm welcome for visitors.

Building on our work so far to revitalise the estate at Newhailes House by investing in visitor facilities and creating a brilliant new play park, we’re now embarking on the next stage of the Newhailes Revival.

This time, the focus for activity is converting the stables block to provide upgraded welcome and catering facilities for visitors.

This is the latest step in the project which has seen £2.4 million invested to date, creating the Weehailes play area, carrying out a ‘mothbusting’ programme in Newhailes House and landscaping of the grounds and gardens.

A photograph of the Weehailes play park on a sunny day.
Weehailes opened in April 2018.

Contractors are now at work on the stables and are undertaking specialist work to remove asbestos used in past renovations before the work to transform the buildings can begin.

The plans for the stables complex include creating a new welcome hub for visitors, as well as upgrading catering and retail facilities.

Stuart Maxwell, General Manager for Edinburgh & East said: ‘This will be another step forward for our plan to revitalise Newhailes. Thanks to our investment so far we’ve been welcoming lots of families and this next stage will mean we can give all our visitors a really warm welcome.’

This is just one example of how the National Trust for Scotland works every day to protect Scotland’s national and natural treasures. From coastlines to castles, art to architecture, wildlife to wilderness, we protect all of this For the Love of Scotland.

In Our Strategy for Protecting Scotland’s Heritage 2018-23, we set out how we’re planning to work towards our vision that Scotland’s heritage is valued by everyone and protected now, and for future generations.

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