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30 Jan 2018

Small electrical fire extinguished at Craigievar Castle

Small fire safely dealt with at Craigievar Castle

A small electrical fire has been extinguished at the National Trust for Scotland’s Craigievar Castle near Alford today (30 January).

The castle’s alarm system alerted the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service at approximately 10.50am today on 30 January, who responded immediately. There was a small fire in the electrical panel in the shop area on the ground floor of the castle. This was quickly put out and there is only minimal damage around the immediate area of the panel.

The castle is currently closed to visitors and no staff were in the building during the incident.

North East General Manager Iain Hawkins said:

“The fire was small and contained and has now been completely extinguished, with only minimal damage to the area around the electrical panel. Other than this very limited fire damage, the door lock had to be broken to enable access for the emergency services. We are very grateful for the speedy response of the Scottish Fire Service.”