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25 Feb 2018

Part IV: 50 interesting objects

A black and white cat-shaped doorstop with a pink ribbon as a collar, and a detachable tail!
A doorstop shaped like a cat
There are many intriguing and eye-catching artefacts in our collections.

1. Bottle of whisky

An old bottle of King’s Ransom whisky. The whisky is orange in colour and can be seen through the clear glass bottle. The label has worn away in places and the seal over the cork has split a little.
A bottle of King’s Ransom whisky, possibly from the wreck of the SS Politician.

2. Metal charger

An decorative metal charger plate, decorated with numerous embossed hunting scenes around the edge and in the centre.
An eye-catching metal charger, decorated to depict various hunting scenes

3. Louis XV clock

A very ornate golden cartel clock, hanging on a wall covered with red paper.
A stunning Louis XV cartel clock – every hour it plays one of 13 tunes.

4. Santa Claus figurines

A row of Father Christmas figurines, lined up in size order with the smallest on the left. All except the second blue figure are dressed in the traditional red costume.
A collection of Father Christmas figurines from different time periods

5. Model threshing machine

A wooden and metal model of a steam-powered threshing machine
A brightly coloured steam-powered model threshing machine

6. Tea service

A fine Royal Crown Derby porcelain tea set is all laid out on display. There are tea plates, cups and saucers, a milk jug and a sugar bowl. The design is a gold, red and blue pattern.
A fine Royal Crown Derby porcelain tea set from the late 19th century

7. Doorstop

A black and white cat-shaped doorstop with a pink ribbon as a collar, and a detachable tail!
A quirky doorstop in the shape of a cat (complete with detachable tail)

8. Brodie nose caricature

A close-up caricature of a long and pointed nose, framed by a dark oval mount.
A close-up caricature, inspired by a famous Brodie family ‘feature’

9. James Gregory portrait

A portrait of the scholar Professor James Gregory, by Henry Raeburn, painted in 1798

10. Isabella Macleod portrait

A portrait of Isabella Macleod. She is shown seated, resting one arm on her chair. She wears a billowing white dress, tied at the waist with a green sash. She has a white hair wrap, with her long brown hair falling from it.
A portrait of Isabella Macleod, said to be one of Henry Raeburn’s finest works

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